The Use Of tNavigator For Carbon Capture Storage Project

Angela Lodge, Reservoir Engineer for OPC, was one of the speakers at the tNavigator Technology Summit in London on 26 May. Angela presented her innovative use of tNavigator for dynamic CO2 simulation modelling on a depleted gas reservoir to an audience including technical experts from leading energy companies including Shell, CNOOC and Tullow.

Her presentation was unique in that it demonstrated the adaptability of tNavigator to be utilised in a carbon storage application.

The tNavigator Technology Summits provide users of the leading reservoir modelling and simulation software the opportunity to discuss and share the most effective ways to utilise the platform. The London event was the first physical event since 2019 and attracted over 70 reservoir engineering experts to the Shangri-La hotel in the Shard.

Max Richards, Energy Transition Consultant for OPC said “Angela’s presentation was the most anticipated of the day as she was the only reservoir engineer demonstrating the use of tNavigator for a carbon storage project. The audience was full of experienced reservoir engineers from the oil & gas sector who were all very engaged and interested to find out how she had adapted tNavigator for this application. Angela is quickly developing a reputation as one of the leading experts in the modelling of reservoirs for carbon storage.”

Angela shared how she used tNavigator to model the CO2 storage in a depleted environment. She explained “It’s a fairly new application for the use of tNavigator but it provides an excellent platform to model the CO2 storage capabilities of a reservoir. I was able to produce a dynamic model of how the plume develops, assess well’s injectivity and practical storage capability of the field and highlight any red flags or issues.”

Angela shared a recent example of a screening study she undertook for the repurposing of depleted gas reservoir. She was a little bit apprehensive about undertaking the presentation.

“Doing the presentation was a bit daunting – it was the first time I have presented to such a large and experienced audience. But I was delighted by the positive response. Around half of our current reservoir engineering activity is for carbon storage projects and its wonderful to be utilising my skills and reservoir engineering tools for energy transition.”

Angela and Max received a lot of interest from attendees at the event. OPC is rapidly developing a reputation for providing expert reservoir simulation and modelling for carbon storage projects.

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Max Richards
Staff Consultant – Energy Transition

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