Consultants Corner: Modelling with Mark Bentley

Mark Bentley: Geological Modelling Specialist

Mark is the co-author of the textbook ‘Reservoir Model Design’. He is an Associate Professor in the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. Mark has been in the industry since 1986, initially as a production geologist with Shell where he first started learning about reservoir modelling. He has spent the subsequent 22 years training and consulting around the world. His specialist technical fields are reservoir modelling and scenario-based approaches to handling uncertainty.

OPC recently sought the support of Mark Bentley in an integrated geological modelling project for a client, which involved an entire static/dynamic re-build including a QA/QC of core, updated petrophysics and interpretation, a SCAL review, re-modelling the structural aspects of the main reservoir sections, updated property modelling and volumetrics, and a peer review performed by Mark.

Mark provided a wider review of the workflow, model, and subsequent results. His expert input was used to make adjustments to the model. The input meant the different between a great and excellent end product for our client with minimal impact to cost and timeframe.

The updated static model was then upscaled for dynamic simulation with new production profiles and an overall enhanced understanding of future field performance.

The Use of Expert Consultants

OPC integrates subject matters experts within projects to enhance the overall outcome of work scopes, including PTA experts, reservoir simulation specialist, and geological modellers such as Mark. Our clients encourage the inclusion of strong technical specialists which improves the efficiency of work and add the extra insights that sets OPC’s projects & studies work apart.

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