On-tap Subsurface team

We provide a dedicated subsurface team for your business

On-tap subsurface team model

OPC’s unique cost-effective “on-tap” model which provides a dedicated sub-surface team without the overhead burden perfectly meets the needs of all cost conscious oil companies.

The subsurface team is staffed by permanent and experienced members of the OPC technical team.  They deliver expertise to cover the regular/ongoing subsurface activities and then can provide additional expertise “on-tap” to cover potential new projects, acquisitions or trouble-shooting.  A monthly reporting system is also part of the scope of work that includes recommendations for other cost saving measures and ways of optimising production.

The model provides a high level of expertise at a fraction of the cost of investing in a full time permanent subsurface team and gives guaranteed access to highly qualified subsurface professionals for fast turnaround projects.


The model provides ongoing subsurface expertise:

  • Ongoing well performance monitoring to optimise production from existing wells/fields, identifying any concerns
  • Management and updating of reservoir models inputting data monthly
  • Advise on regular field wide reservoir and well optimisation programs
  • Production Optimisation incorporating surface network
  • Provide support with Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) reporting and meetings.


The model provides additional support for new and additional projects that are “on-tap”:

  • Assess new target fields through the development of reservoir models and evaluations
  • Assessing further drilling targets in existing acreage.
  • Production optimisation modelling to identify the potential for altering well and plant specifications alongside changes in production schedules.
  • Provide a full range of subsurface engineering, geoscience and production engineering expertise to support any project

Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC explains the “on-tap” model

I have been promoting the “on-tap” model for many years as a cost effective means of supporting any oil or gas operator. Newly established investor backed companies have quickly seen the benefits of this approach – but it is available to any oil business, regardless of size or ownership. We provide all that is needed to not only support, but also, on request, manage the subsurface function on behalf of our customers.  They receive the monthly reporting that they need and have immediate access to a large, multi-disciplined and experienced subsurface team when they have projects and work that needs additional support. And the best part is, it costs considerably less than employing a fully staffed permanent sub-surface team.

Packages for the “on-tap” model start from less than GBP10k per month and can be used by oil and gas asset owners, investors and oil companies.

Interested in getting subsurface expertise "on-tap"?

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