Exploration in South America – Gaining the Advantage in New Basins

Project Completed

Exploration in South America – Gaining the Advantage in New Basins

In a recently completed project, OPC provided an expert consultant with significant regional exploration and apprasial experience in South America. The consultants’ objectives were to understand the leading onshore and offshore petroleum basins, identify infrastructure-led discovered resource opportunities, and outline potential strategic entry paths for the client. Through comprehensive reviews and data analysis, the consultant identified new play concepts, play extensions in proven basins, and possible coveted fields with significant remaining potential.

The consultant integrated within the client’s technical team, providing in-depth knowledge of several basins enabling accelerated exploration studies and a faster route to FID. The advantage of using OPC’s consultants means you and your team can get the analysis you need quickly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

OPC can offer a range of expert consultants with in-depth knowledge, from individual reservoirs to regional basins. Please contact either max.richards@opc.co.uk or call Piers Johnson on +44 20 7428 1111.

“The OPC consultant has been amazing to work with – they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the region and freely shared their ideas with me openly. Their work was extremely insightful and provided exactly what we needed – a comprehensive yet high-level review of all basins and plays. I highly recommend his services to any organization needing deep expertise and creative, thought-provoking ideas for the future”.



South America


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