Pressure Transient Analysis

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Pressure Transient Analysis

OPC specialises in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), also known as Well test analysis, which involves the interpretation and analysis of Drill Stem Test (DST), Extended Well Test (EWT) and Production/Injection permanent downhole gauge data. With a combination of operational and analysis expertise in well testing, OPC is able to maximise the information gained from your data set to give you a better understanding of your asset and enable you to make better business decisions.

With well testing an infrequent and expensive activity, OPCs specialisation ensures an in-depth and thorough analysis which adds value to your operations. We frequently work with noisy and incomplete data sets and we specialise in the interpretation of complicated well data. In additional to more conventional analysis, OPC also has extensive experience of advanced PTA interpretation such as deconvolution, multi-layer reservoirs and double porosity systems.

OPC has access to industry standard software technology including PIE and Saphir and in 2017 we have introduced Convolution Explorer (ConvEx), an innovative pressure transient analysis software that can be used with exploration/appraisal well test and with long term surveillance-type data.

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Some recent pressure transient analysis projects and studies

Successful well test management project
OPC has managed a successful well test project on an appraisal oil well offshore Mexico.  We were involved at all stages of the test which was completed 5 days ahead...
Well test planning, monitoring and analysis
OPC provided well test planning, modelling, monitoring and analysis services to an independent oil and gas exploration company drilling an appraisal well in the Norwegian North Sea. 
PTA and PVT review to determine gas caps
OPC undertook a review of existing PTA (Pressure Transient Analysis) data and existing laboratory PVT analyses from several wells in an offshore field in West Africa.
PTA utilising deconvolution and ConvEx
OPC undertook a Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) study utilising deconvolution and ConvEx. The PTA connected volumes calculated were comparable with those from modelling and ConvEx was successfully used to help...
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