Successful well test management project

Offshore Mexico



Offshore Mexico

OPC Houston, London and on-client site consultants

4 months

Project Completed

Well test planning, modelling, monitoring and analysis

OPC has managed a successful well test project on an appraisal oil well offshore Mexico.  We were involved at all stages of the test which was completed 5 days ahead of schedule saving several million dollars for our client. 

The project was managed by OPC USA president Bill Roberts and involved a team working from OPC offices, at our client’s offices and offshore during the test.

Initially Bill provided expert assistance with the overall planning of the project and then we supplied three well test supervisors working from our client’s office in Houston to manage the detailed planning and supplier/equipment selection stages.  Our supervisors then relocated to our client’s office in Mexico and offshore on the rig for test preparation and operation stages.

The drill stem test was actively monitored on the rig by one of our expert offshore reservoir engineers and the results interpreted remotely by Bill Roberts in our Houston office.

Due to our involvement in the planning and operation stages of the project, we were able to identify time savings through efficiencies in the DST process.  These time savings resulted in five days being saved from the test schedule and several millions of dollars being saved from the test budget.

The test was a success for the client:

  • No incidents, accidents or environmental spills.
  • Representative downhole samples and surface samples captured.
  • All well test objectives met.
  • Successful pressure transient analysis carried out on all tests.
  • Test completed five days ahead of schedule and 30% below budget

Disciplines utilised during project

Well testing

OPC well testing experience covers all possible well types; horizontal and vertical, oil and gas, HPHT, in both onshore and offshore (shallow and deep-water) locations globally.

Reservoir Engineering

OPC is one of the leading independent reservoir engineering consultants in the world providing services on a global basis to IOCs, NOCs and independent oil & gas businesses.

Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering.

Pressure Transient Analysis

OPC specialises in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), also known as Well test analysis, which involves the interpretation and analysis of Drill Stem Test (DST), Extended Well Test (EWT) and Production/Injection permanent downhole gauge data.

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