OPC provide ad-hoc PTA support on a Southern North Sea Gas Field

Project Completed

OPC provide ad-hoc PTA support on a Southern North Sea Gas Field

OPC has provided PTA support for our clients during their clean up phases of newly drilled development wells.

The cleanup phase can be a great source of dynamic production data as each well is tested individually one by one while the reservoir is in virgin conditions. These tests can give great insights into nearby geometry effects without the influence of offset producing wells.

In collaboration with our client, OPC PTA experts optimised the test design for each cleanup and performed real-time interpretation, taking advantage of unplanned pressure build-ups (PBUs). This meant OPC could deconvolve and interpret the entire test in real-time and thus cut short the final PBU as test objectives had already been met. Ultimately, this has saved our client rig time and thus associated costs.

After the first gas, OPC will continue the PTA interpretation and hope to perform advanced pressure rate deconvolution techniques to determine dynamic volumes connected to the well stock.



North Sea

OPC London & Aberdeen

8 weeks

Disciplines utilised during project

Pressure Transient Analysis

OPC specialises in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), also known as Well test analysis, which involves the interpretation and analysis of Drill Stem Test (DST), Extended Well Test (EWT) and Production/Injection permanent downhole gauge data. With a combination of operational and analysis expertise in well testing, OPC is able to maximise the information gained from your data set to give you a better understanding of your asset and enable you to make better business decisions.

Reservoir Engineering

OPC is one of the leading independent reservoir engineering consultants in the world providing services on a global basis to IOCs, NOCs and independent oil & gas businesses. Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering.

Well Testing

Well Testing is commonly the last task to be planned in an exploration project. Often this leads to the design and execution being carried out in a rush by personnel for whom testing is not their main focus and awareness of all stakeholder needs may be limited.

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