OPC Celebrates 35 Years!

Reflecting on 35 Years of OPC: A Milestone Celebration

OPC, a global subsurface technical consultancy, recently celebrated its remarkable 35 year anniversary with an event that brought together clients, consultants, and staff. The celebration was a tribute to the collective efforts that have helped to build the global consultancy.

Founder and Managing Director Piers Johnson took a moment to reflect on the company’s beginnings and the incredible voyage it has undertaken over the past 35 years. In his speech, Piers stated, “Thank you all for coming and being part of OPC at some point in the past. There are other people who are not here but should be remembered.” He recounted the company’s early days, saying, “As you can see from the picture, in 1988 I started in my bedroom. The funny thing about that was, I had a serviced office, which is now much more popular than it was in 1988, at number two Bedford Square. My daughter now works at number two, Bedford Square, for Cameron Macintosh. That’s a nice little bit of irony, isn’t it? Is it coincidence or serendipity? Serendipity!”

Piers also expressed his deep appreciation for long-serving team members like Stuart Cameron and Ursula Podluka, who have dedicated over two decades to OPC. “Stuart’s interview was undertaken in a pub around the corner from the office at the time. And he got the job, went home on the tube, but unfortunately fell asleep and came back on the tube into London again. And then we’ve had Ursula for 22 years and half. Who will always remind me that I very much followed Alex Ferguson’s rule on how to run the business.”

In addition, Piers paid tribute to key figures like Bill Roberts, whose significant contributions extended from the United States. He also expressed his gratitude for his wife, highlighting her unwavering support, saying, “Another important part of the company is my wife, of course.”

Piers concluded the evening by expressing his gratitude for all who attended and acknowledging those who couldn’t be present. He emphasised that without their collective efforts and trust in OPC, the company might have remained a small operation. “Your support is appreciated, your work is appreciated, and I look forward to working with you for however much longer you’re here. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

The celebration was a testament to OPC’s enduring commitment to delivering exceptional work to clients in over 50 countries around the world.

Thank you all for coming. You can view and download the photos via the button below.

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