OPC Acquires OPES International In Australia

Oilfield Production Consultants Expands with OPES International Acquisition in Australia

OPC, a leading global energy consulting firm, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of OPES International, a prominent Australian based petroleum, reservoir and drilling engineering consultancy. This strategic move marks OPC’s expansion into the Australian and Asian markets and reinforces its commitment to delivering solutions to the global energy sector.

OPC has long been recognized for its expertise in the exploration and production sector, offering innovative solutions and expert consultancy to clients worldwide. With this acquisition, OPC aims to bolster its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and enhance its capabilities to meet the growing demands of the Asian energy market. OPC has a presence in Central Asia (Kazahstan) and aims to be able to provide OPC’s services to the Far Eastern market including Australia.

OPES International, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, has earned a strong reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions in drilling, production optimization, CO2 injection and renewables, as well as project management within the Asian oil and gas sector.

Piers Johnson, CEO of OPC, said “We are thrilled to welcome OPES International to the OPC family. Their track record and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our core values, and this strategic acquisition strengthens our position as a global leader in the energy consultancy domain.”

The acquisition also opens up new avenues for collaboration between the UK and Asian energy markets. As all parts of the world continue to invest in renewable energy technologies, the amalgamation of OPC and OPES International’s expertise will support sustainable energy projects with specific focus on carbon capture and storage solutions.

John Hoffman, Managing Director of OPES International, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “Joining forces with OPC presents an exciting opportunity for our team and clients. We believe that our combined strengths will lead to greater synergies and innovative solutions that will drive positive change in the energy industry. Together, we are well-positioned to address the challenges of the future and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”

The acquisition also highlights the industry’s resilience and determination to adapt amidst changing market dynamics. As the world transitions towards a low-carbon economy, the integrated expertise of OPC and OPES International will play a crucial role in facilitating this shift and supporting the industry’s evolution.

February 2024 Update: Trip to Australia

OPC’s managing Director, Piers Johnson, reviews OPC’s most recent visit to recently acquired OPES International in Perth, Australia.

Embarking on an exhilarating journey Down Under, OPC’s Managing Director, Piers Johnson, reflects upon the company’s transformative visit to the city of Perth, Australia. OPC set its sights on the Australian and broader South East Asian energy markets, solidifying its presence through the integration of OPES International—a renowned subsurface and engineering consultancy nestled in the heart of Perth. This decision marked a pivotal moment in OPC’s evolution. The new markets represent greater opportunities for the OPC group to offer flexible technical projects and consultant services to a wider range of clients.

About OPC (www.opc.co.uk):

OPC is a global energy consultancy firm specializing in providing expert solutions to the oil and gas sector. With a diverse team of industry professionals, OPC offers a comprehensive range of services, including reservoir engineering, field development planning, and production optimization. Since its inception, OPC has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence and has earned the trust of numerous clients worldwide.

About OPES International (www.opes.com.au):

OPES International is a leading Australian oil and gas service provider, offering a wide range of solutions in drilling, production optimization, and project management. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, OPES International has played a significant role in advancing the energy landscape in Australia.

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