Retained Technical Support: Significant Advantages

Leveraging Retained Technical Support for Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

OPC’s value effective “on-tap” model, which provides a dedicated sub-surface team, individual, or specialist without the overhead burden, perfectly meets the needs of all value-conscious energy companies.

The pressure to drive efficiencies and have a high level of expertise has led to the development of OPC’s “on-tap” subsurface team model. One of OPCs long-term clients has recently adopted a retained technical model and gave this feedback:

  1. The consultant continually works on the project, so knowledge and efficiency are retained
  2. The [clients] team knows how to work with the consultant, so there is no miscommunication.
  3. No unexpected bills
  4. Flexibility to turn resources on and off with ease and no long term liabilities
  5. Brings specialist knowledge on an ongoing basis as opposed to either having to hire full time and not needing it full time or commission bigger projects, but they are fixed in time as set pieces and don’t add to the day to day management.
  6. No HR function is required. OPC does that for us.

The model provides a high level of expertise at a fraction of the cost of investing in a full time permanent subsurface team and gives guaranteed access to highly qualified subsurface professionals for fast turnaround projects.

To discuss the “On-tap” subsurface team model in more details, please contact:

Piers Johnson
Managing Director
Tel: +44 207 7428 1111

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