Are We Underestimating CO2 Geochemistry?

At the London SPE Net Zero Gaia Committee, sponsored by OPC, industry experts Max Richards from OPC and Chris Holdsworth from Edinburgh University/Carbfix hosted an insightful lunch and learn event focusing on geochemistry. The event aimed to explore the often underestimated role of geochemistry in de-risking and characterising CO2 storage potential in subsurface formations. Max Richards delivered a presentation highlighting the broader aspects of geochemistry, including the impact of near well bore dry out, modelling options, and mitigation strategies. Chris Holdsworth’s talk centred on the utilisation of geochemistry to verify CO2 storage, specifically emphasising the analysis of natural isotopes of water, CO2, and noble gases to quantify CO2 storage in geological reservoirs. Their expertise provided valuable insights into the application of geochemistry in carbon capture and storage projects.

Watch the Video Here: CO2 Geochemistry: Overlooked and Underappreciated?

Please contact Max Richards for more information.

Max Richards
Energy Transition Lead
+44 20 7428 1111

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