OPC Study shows significant CCS opportunity in Georgia

An OPC study for Block Energy plc has concluded that a reservoir in Georgia has one of the largest CO2 storage capacities in Europe.

The reservoir scale storage is estimated at 256 million metric tonnes, equivalent to offsetting emissions from 55 million cars, and the basin scale at up to 8.7 gigatonnes, equivalent to offsetting emissions from Turkey for 20 years

Block Energy plc’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Haywood, said

The OPC study opens another significant commercial opportunity for the Company while underlining our commitment to sustainability. Block XIB’s storage potential could be amongst the largest in Europe, indicating the prospect of a major net-zero industrial hub within central Georgia.

The study was led by Professor Eric Oelkers, a recognised expert in the field of water-rock interactions and managed by OPC International Business Manager Max Richards.

Max said:

“This was a fascinating study to undertake.  It evaluated carbonate mineralisation as a main trapping mechanism. We concluded a basin wide storage potential for over 8 gigatons of CO2 storage, and reservoir level around 256 MT. Making it one of the largest potential CCS projects in the European region.”

Block XIB has features that indicate the possibility for a very rapid rate of carbonation: initial calculations show 95% mineralisation of CO2 within 250 days, compared to 1,000 years in sedimentary systems.

The storage size of the reservoir combined with the speed of carbonate mineralisation mean that Block XIB is a significant commercial opportunity for Block Energy.

Max Richards added:

This project demonstrates the commercial opportunities available to energy companies with similar assets. It also enables them to achieve net zero sustainability targets.  We have worked on a range of CCS projects including White Rose, Golden Eye, Gorgon and Viking projects, and have developed a specific expertise in this area.

OPC are now undertaking a large number of CCS evaluation studies to support energy companies improve sustainability and commercial performance.  Contact Max to find out how we can help;

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