Stu Hart nails Quebec Ironman 2015

OPC’s Middle East Manager, Stu Hart, completed the 2015 Subaru Mont-Tremblant Ironman competition in an excellent 13 hours and 16 minutes.

For the uninitiated, an Ironman competition starts with a 2.4 mile (3.8km) swim, followed by a 112 mile (180km) bike ride, finishing with a full 26.2 mile (42.2km) marathon run – and is one of the most punishing endurance events that anyone can subject themselves to!

Stu gave us a short report about this year’s event at the quaint, rustic village of Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada:

“I was probably about mid-pack in the overall standings as well as my age group. There are quite a few lunatics that do this nonsense. 2,500+ people registered for this race though a number didn’t even make the start line for one reason or another and there were 149 DNF’s as well as quite a few disqualifications. You’ve got 17 hours to finish the whole thing and I staggered in at 13:16. I took 14 hours to do my last one (Ironman UK in 2010) so I’ve got to be happy with that. If I could sort my running out (and picked a flatter course) I think I’d have a shot at beating my best of 12:21 from Ironman Austria in 2000. Though why I’m even thinking about another one I have no idea!!!”

Congratulations Stu – we’re more than happy for you to keep flying the OPC flag at Ironman and other endurance events !


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