Demand increases for OPC Online technical training

Demand increases for OPC Online technical training

While the Covid-19 pandemic has had so much negative impact to world economy, one positive has been the upturn in remote working and communication.  Meetings that were previously held in person are now held online and business has got used to communicating using video and screen share technology.

Before the pandemic struck, the vast majority of OPC Technical Training was delivered in person in classrooms or on-site by our experienced trainers who travelled to the clients’ workplace.  Now our training is delivered by those same trainers but using live video and screen-sharing technology.

One example is a series of training courses for an operating company in Asia to upskill their technical staff in the theory and practice of Gas Processing and Conditioning. The training is being provided by an experienced technical trainer based in Europe via video link to more than 50 learners in country.

Training courses are also being arranged with clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

OPC Senior Consultants and Training Services Advisor Edna Travers said;

“The pandemic has given many operating companies the impetus to train local technical staff.  Many of our trainers were already familiar with providing remote learning via video so we have been able to continue to offer our full suite of training online.  Our focus continues on providing live online training where there is a constant interaction between trainees and instructor to increase motivation, engagement and learning effectiveness.  Sessions are still recorded for trainees to refer to in the future as well.”

The advantage of OPC training is that it covers both theory and practice together.  Edna continues:

“We select instructors that are highly qualified but also have many years of hands-on technical experience in those disciplines.  They bring the subject alive for the trainees are bring real life examples into the training. This technical hands-on approach to training is driven by Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC, who has lectured at the IFP in Paris and Imperial College London.”


Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC said;

All of our courses are tailored to the needs of the client’s staff so that they learn what they NEED to learn, as opposed to being taught general topics that may not be applicable for their particular operations and fields.”

To find out the latest details of training, contact Edna Travers

Edna Travers
Senior Consultants and Training Services Advisor
+44 20 7428 1111

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