New contract award with NOC

New contract award with NOC to evaluate investment opportunities

OPC has been awarded a contract with a National Oil Company to provide a suite of exploration, appraisal and development services to assist the company in the development of the country’s deep-water resources.  OPC are providing a multi-disciplinary subsurface team integrated into the client’s existing team in addition to building the client’s deep-water capabilities through a structured learning & development programme.

This represents the first major contract won by OPC since the coronavirus pandemic took hold and the negotiations and subsequent contract award was facilitated completely virtually, away from the traditional physical client meetings and visits creating a more efficient and sustainable business model.

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Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC said:

“This award of a new contract during the coronavirus lockdown perfectly demonstrates how we can work completely remotely within the subsurface engineering sector.  This is a new client and a new country for OPC and last year we would probably have flown to visit the client in person and would most likely have mobilised our engineers to work from the client site in country.  However, the pandemic has forced us to adapt and we have conducted all communication to date by phone, video meeting and email.”

The OPC multi-disciplinary subsurface team will be working from their home bases in the UK, Middle East and USA via secure datalinks.

Piers continues;

“By using remote working we can actually offer quite significant savings due to the lack of travel and accommodation costs.  I would encourage all operators and national oil companies to look at flexible resourcing solutions at the moment and engage with experts such as OPC who can provide a fully remote yet integrated subsurface engineering service using OPC’s fully maintained software or that of the clients.”

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