OPC Lagos, Nigeria open for business

The new OPC office in Lagos, Nigeria is now registered with the local authorities and is open for business.  It was officially opened by Piers Johnson during a visit to Lagos and Port Harcourt in April.

The OPC office, on Victoria Island in Lagos, is headed up by Wale Lawal, an engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry who has managed many projects within West Africa.

piersPiers said “I was delighted to open the new OPC office in Lagos as I worked in Nigeria back in the 1980s and it has been an objective of mine to return and offer services in the Nigerian market.  The meetings I had with local and international oil companies in Lagos and Port Harcourt has made me very optimistic about the business available now we have a local operating company.   My visit resulted in the submission of three proposals to three different potential clients and we have been able to hire a number of highly qualified Nigerian reservoir engineers – several of which were students of mine at the IFP in Paris.”

OPC Nigeria will offer international and national oil companies in Nigeria with an expert sub-surface consultancy service in-country, with additional QC / QA support through the international offices in Houston and London.  We have licences to deliver expert services in these disciplines:

  • Drilling / Production
    • Well logging, wireline services, well testing and DST’s
    • PVT Analysis
  • Exploration
    • Seismic interpretation
    • Down-hole data gathering and interpretation
  • Technical Consultancy
    • Reservoir evaluation and management
    • Geological studies
  • Specialised Oil & Gas Training
    • Drilling well operations and well control
    • Sub-surface / geological training

For further details of OPC services in Nigeria, please contact:

WalecroppedWale Lawal
Manager, OPC Nigeria
Oilfield Production Consultants Nigeria Ltd
Tel:   +234 802 351 2039
Email:  wale.lawal@opc-ng.com

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