Significant increase in demand for knowledge transfer

The fall in oil prices over the last nine months has had an interesting impact on the demand for training services.  While training budgets often come under pressure during downturns, there has been a significant increase in the demand for training, coaching and in-country learning services this year.

Localisation and in-country training

Most E&P companies already have a commitment to employ a significant percentage of their labour force from the country or region in which they are operating. The drop in the oil price has provided an added incentive for many companies to increase the numbers of local employees on E&P projects rather than bring in costly expat resources. OPC has been heavily involved in training, mentoring and knowledge transfer of skills covering the full suite of upstream disciplines. Through working closely with our clients, we have found that indigenous engineers and geoscientists can be developed, mentored and trained to fill the roles that may have been previously earmarked for ex-pat consultants. While this not only assists with localisation quotas, it also has significant benefits for efficiency and cost.

Expanded technical training capability

As a result of the increased client demand, OPC has extended the range of training courses that we deliver.  We have syllabus and trainers available to deliver courses on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Drilling and Completions
  • Well Engineering
  • Well Optimization and Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Advanced Cementing
  • Well Operations – Testing
  • Well Integrity Challenges and Solutions
  • Artificial Lift Design and Production Optimisation
  • Completion Design (Modular Course): Equipment & Operations; Production System Modelling; Tubing Stress Analysis
  • Well Control
  • Drilling Fluids and Solids Control
  • Directional Drilling
  • Basic Wellhead Maintenance
  • Practical Well Test Interpretation
  • Advanced Well test interpretation

If any of the subjects above are of interest then please contact  We can develop and tailor course which match your individual needs.

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