OPC attends EGYPS 2017

Riley Smith from OPC attended EGYPS, the Egypt Petroleum Show which took place in Cairo on the 14-16 February 2017.  The event was the largest oil & gas industry gathering North Africa has ever seen and was an excellent forum for discussing opportunities in the Egyptian market.

EGYPS was a very timely event for OPC following our registration as an approved vendor with the Egyptian Ministry of Oil & Gas in November 2016.  This not only allows OPC to work more efficiently in Egypt but also provides our clients with cost recovery capability, in a market which is flourishing following several large gas discoveries including the super-giant Zohr gas field by ENI in August 2015.

As part of the registration process, OPC has formed a partnership with Elba Group, a local services company providing us with access to local support, infrastructure, environmental and logistics services in order to provide a more comprehensive service to OPC clients in Egypt.

RileylogoRiley Smith, OPC Manager – MENA, said “EGYPS was an excellent event which gave me the chance to meet with many companies interested in Egypt’s potential.  Having already met a number of senior government officials, it was great to meet with a number of operating companies looking at the opportunities available.”

Riley added “Our registration gives us access to the Egyptian Information Centre enabling us to provide comprehensive, expert and speedy services to companies seeking to enter the market. I would encourage any operators attending EGYPS who are perhaps seeking to evaluate opportunities in Egypt to get in touch with us as we can without doubt provide an unrivalled level of support on assessing these blocks”

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