Download an exclusive paper on the value of using Advanced Deconvolution Techniques

Our Senior Reservoir Engineer, Alex Thatcher, presented his paper ‘Dynamic Reservoir Analysis of Corrib Field Surveillance Data Through the Use of Advanced Deconvolution Techniques’ in Amsterdam at the SPE Europec Conference.

The paper is an analysis of 5 years worth of production data of the Corrib Gas Field- Irelands only producing field.

The paper provides an example of Pressure Rate Deconvolution used on long term surveillance data. Alex combined deconvolution with drainage area theory so that the average pressure and connected volume to each well could be determined.

Why read the paper?

The paper presents the following:

1. Alternative techniques to determine connected volumes and average pressures to producing wells

2. Demonstrates a robust approach to Pressure Rate Deconvolution that is successful on long term surveillance data

3. Single well deconvolution can work on fields with multiple interfering wells under certain conditions

4. Theoretical foundation on how wells work together to drain a reservoir, i.e., drainage area theory with deconvolution

OPC were invited to Amsterdam by the SPE to present our findings. OPCs Alex Thatcher was the lead presenter and received great feedback at the conference. Alex has shared his 15-minute presentation to provide a brief summary of the paper.

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Please contact Alex Thatcher for more information.

Alex Thatcher
Senior Reservoir Engineer
+44 1224 329 111

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