How petroleum engineers fly these days

Well covered for return flight from Doha

OPC Business Development Manager Stuart Cameron returned from Qatar to the UK earlier this week and decided that appropriate PPE should be worn throughout the trip!  From his apartment in Doha to his home front door in Berkshire he wore full coveralls, face mask, protective gloves, safety glasses and hat!

Stuart said:

“As I had my full PPE for offshore work I thought I’d play it safe.  Doha airport was deserted but the flight was around 70% full – mostly Brits coming home from Australia and the Far East.  Around half the flight were wearing face masks but no-one reached my levels of protection.  I did get a few funny looks, particularly at Heathrow, but us petroleum engineers are used to that anyway.”

The rest of the OPC team on assignment in Doha are staying at work – mostly from their apartments – and two who were on leave in the UK and US are now working remotely from those countries. Stuart concluded

“These are tough times for everyone and we really appreciate the flexibility of our clients in setting up remote working and the commitment of our engineers and consultants for remaining on post and/or working remotely.  We’re used to turbulent times in the oil and gas industry and with today’s technology we have the ability to keep working wherever in the world we are.”

Any business suffering from a lack of resource due to the coronavirus should contact Riley Smith or Piers Johnson.

Riley Smith
General Manager OPC MENA
+971 562 789 820.

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