Ensuring global mobilisation during Covid19

How we are continuing to mobilise during Covid-19

The global pandemic has presented many challenges to businesses, perhaps the biggest challenge OPC have faced is the mobility of our operational workforce. Despite the pandemic, operational activity continues and Riley Smith, Middle East manager for OPC outlines the steps we are taking to support drilling activity in the region.

Riley said;

“COVID-19 is obviously having a significant impact on the E&P industry, and as a result we have seen a reduction in drilling activity across the Middle East. However, with oil prices becoming more steady we’re now starting to see an increase in drilling, which is presenting some logistical challenges for everyone involved. We are currently in the process of mobilising an offshore team for a drilling campaign, 4 wellsite geologists, 2 completions engineers and 2 drilling supervisors.”

One of the challenges is navigating a specific countries covid-19 travel restrictions. In order to ensure effective mobilisation of offshore personnel, we have implemented these amendments and additions to our usual operational procedures.”

1. Collaborating with Clients and Governments

We are working closely with our Client’s HR teams and combining our efforts to increase efficiency, whilst also liaising with the relevant government authorities to ensure we are on top of local restrictions and guidelines.

2. Isolation and testing

We are taking extra precautions for offshore personnel, given the closed environment they work in. On arrival in-country we are arranging hotel isolation for offshore personnel, in some countries this is up to 14 days, and we implement a strict testing policy before personnel travel offshore.

3. Extended working rotations

In order to minimise the number of times an individual has to isolate prior to mobilisation, we are extending the rotations of workers to up to 4 months,  We will be keeping in regular touch with all workers to monitor working effectiveness and mental wellbeing to ensure that everyone remains healthy and in an effective working mentality.

These are the main changes to our usual mobilisation procedures and we have been very careful to ensure that everyone mobilising is completely happy and aware of the implications of these.  We are working closely with our personnel and our clients to ensure the procedures are effectively managed and respected by all parties.

It’s a challenging time to work offshore and we are very thankful for the proactive and positive attitude of all of our team working under these new procedures.

We hope to be adding to our team over the next few months so any experienced wellsite geologists, supervisors and engineers should register their interest with Edna Travers in our London office.

Edna Travers
Senior Consultants and Training Services Advisor
+44 20 7428 1111

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