Demand for E&P consultants increases

Analysing the market for exploration and production consultants

Demand for E&P consultants increases

The demand for experienced oil and gas sector consultants has increased since 2016.  This was one of the key findings of the OPC E&P Consultant Market Report 2018.

The report obtained data from nearly 500 consultants throughout the world in April/May 2018, and provides a detailed insight into the current state of professional consulting in the sector and acts as a comparison to research undertaken at the end of 2016.

When the original research was undertaken in 2016, just 45% of professional consultants had work in the sector with 37% out of work and looking.  The 2018 report showed that 52% of consultants are now actively working in the oil and gas sector and just 28% are actively looking for work, the remaining 20% having retired and moved to another industry.

The increase in the percentage of consultants working has been driven by an increased demand for professional skills over the last 9 months especially. Barry Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of OPC said.

The research mirrors our experience of the market.  Demand for consultants continued to drop in 2017 but, with the recovery of the oil price in 2018, we have seen a noticeable increase in requests and demand for experienced consultants with specific skills.

With the oil price continuing to climb, we anticipate demand for certain skills increasing this year, and companies need to move quickly to secure experienced resources.

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2018 E&P consultant market report

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