Workshop on Carbonate-Evaporite Systems

OPC’s Toby Gledhill at advanced carbonate workshop

OPC’s Toby Gledhill took part in an advanced carbonate workshop: “Carbonate-Evaporite Systems”, run by Cambridge Carbonates on 18th-20th November 2019.

The workshop focused on sequence stratigraphy, petroleum systems, diagenesis and reservoir quality of Zechstein, UK; the Arabian Plate, and parts of the Gulf Of Mexico.  It presented an overview of the wide variety of carbonate reservoirs that form in different depositional and sequence stratigraphic settings and emphasises the response of carbonate systems to syn- and post-depositional salt movement.

Toby said:

“This was a really excellent workshop which added to my knowledge of carbonate-evaporate systems. There were several relevant examples that directly relate to the challenges faced by our clients.”

Toby is is a Senior Geoscientist (Geologist) in OPC’s London technical team.  He has 15 years’ oil industry experience, with over 12 at operating companies working as geologist and geophysicist in all aspects of G&G.   He, and his colleagues within the team, provide a fully integrated geoscience and reservoir engineering service to clients and projects throughout the world.


Our geology consultants provide geological support in all stages of the exploration and production life-cycle, including; License round block evaluations, regional and basin studies, farm out services and data room evaluations, geological and reservoir modelling and Field Development Planning.


OPC provides a range of petrophysical interpretation services, from quick single well evaluations, to large scale multi-well studies, including the integration of log, core and geological data, and input into geological modelling.


OPC is a leading geophysics consultancy to companies within the Oil and Gas sector. Our geophysics consultants have worked on a wide range of 2D and 3D seismic interpretation projects for clients located worldwide.

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