Energy Transition Services

Experts in energy transition and carbon reduction

Energy Transition Services

OPC supports its clients through a range of carbon management services focused on pragmatic value-orientated expert solutions:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Greenhouse gas inventorying
  • Reducing emissions & intensity
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) framework development

Businesses that want to succeed now need to have detailed plans for net-zero by 2050 and will need to demonstrate greater Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials, and integrate this thinking into Field Development Plans. With a growing body of evidence linking ESG performance with superior market returns and rewarding a premium to those companies transitioning faster.

Carbon Capture and Storage

OPC is a leading Carbon Capture and Storage consultancy to the energy sectors.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is critical to the energy transition and decarbonisation, 5.6B tons of CCS capacity is required by 2050 to reach the Paris Agreement climate goals. OPC has diverse CCS experience, delivering fully integrated CCS projects and consulting since 2015. OPC is expertly capable of providing CCS:

  • Reservoir characterisation, simulation & storage capacity
  • Well injectivity modelling
  • Fluid flow containment modelling
  • Multi-phase flow assurance (CO2 & >20 impurities)
  • Reservoir geomechanics & geochemistry
  • Pipeline integrity & corrosion management
  • Facilities modification
  • Carbonate mineralisation
  • Commercialisation & economic support
  • Regulatory and business model support (OGA & EPA – Class VI wells)

OPC’s in-house Technical Services provides integrated subsurface studies that include the evaluation of geophysical, geological, fluid phase, and pressure data to determine CO2 injectability in place, reservoir capacity, injection profiles and ultimately, the design of an optimised fully integrated Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) development plan. We utilise our extensive network of consultants seconding specialists on a project basis to provide the most tailored expertise solutions to client problems. Over the last 7 years OPC has worked with a large number of technical CCS specialists and can call upon their support when required. Examples include:

  • MMV Specialists
  • Geochemists
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Flow assurance
  • Geomechanics
  • Geological site screening
  • Regulatory experts

Through OPC’s consultant services capability these individuals can be brought on for short term contributions to specific project issues, all entirely managed by OPC. This reduces client’s exposure to personnel management and minimises project inertia.

Please contact Max Richards for more information on OPC services to support Energy Transition projects.

Max Richards
Energy Transition Lead
+44 20 7428 1111

Some recent energy transition projects and studies

Geothermal Modelling – Doublet System
OPC performed modelling of a geothermal open-loop doublet system (injector and producer). The objective was to perform NODAL analysis using a range of sensitivities to develop scenarios and outline recommendations...
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