CO2 Injection, Transport, and Storage Study

North Sea

Project Completed

CO2 injection, transport and storage study, North Sea

OPC investigated the suitability of a gas field and infrastructures for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

A leading independent oil and gas operator requested OPC to investigate whether their gas field and infrastructures could be suitable for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS), part of an Energy Transition strategy.  During this high-level review, OPC estimated the theoretical storage capacity of the field, assessed the CO2 injectivity of the wells for various injection scenarios, and commented on the suitability of the existing pipelines and wells for transporting and injecting CO2.
Drawing on OPC’s extensive consultant network, a pipeline specialist was seconded on a project basis performing an assessment of the pipeline including, flow assurance, and pipeline integrity. OPC’s extensive network allows OPC to provide the highest level of expertise to each individual project, which can adapt to clients requirements.



North Sea

OPC London

6 weeks

Disciplines utilised during project

Reservoir Modelling

OPCs distinctive capability in integrated reservoir modelling is the ability to integrate across as many disciplines as appropriate including geophysical interpretation, petrophysical analysis, geological interpretation and modelling, dynamic modelling, production technology and facilities design.

Reservoir Engineering

OPC is one of the leading independent reservoir engineering consultants in the world providing services on a global basis to IOCs, NOCs and independent oil & gas businesses. Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering

Energy Transition

OPC specialises in supporting our clients in the transition of their energy systems to net zero and mitigating the carbon intensity of existing processes

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