Static modelling of fractured field

Large fractured carbonate field onshore Europe

Project Completed

Static modelling and technical support

OPC provided technical support and modelling for a large fractured carbonate field onshore Europe.

OPC provided technical support and modelling to an operator for a large fractured carbonate field, with mixed quality reservoir facies. With good communication through workshops the client’s seismic interpretation on this structurally complex field was integrated into a structural model. The seismic attributes were integrated into a property model. Comparison of log signature, seismic attribute, and seismic interpretation led to an enhanced understanding of the core of the field, and further confidence in infill well trajectories. The resultant geological static model was summarised and reported for the client.. Volumes and uncertainty of in-place and recoverable hydrocarbon were evaluated, as were the risks of the drilling opportunities.




OPC London

2 weeks

Disciplines utilised during project


Our geology consultants provide geological support in all stages of the exploration and production life-cycle, including; License round block evaluations, regional and basin studies, farm out services and data room evaluations, geological and reservoir modelling and Field Development Planning.


OPC provides a range of petrophysical interpretation services, from quick single well evaluations, to large scale multi-well studies, including the integration of log, core and geological data, and input into geological modelling.


OPC is a leading geophysics consultancy to companies within the Oil and Gas sector. Our geophysics consultants have worked on a wide range of 2D and 3D seismic interpretation projects for clients located worldwide.

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