Mature Asset Ownership Transition

Middle East

Project Completed

Multi-disciplinary project team

OPC technical staff from multiple disciplines assisted an NOC to successfully transition the running of a mature offshore oilfield from the previous Operator.

The project involved OPC technical staff providing expertise in multiple disciplines (geology, drilling, completions, production engineering) to a NOC in order to successfully transition the running of a mature offshore oilfield from the previous Operator. Key to this transition was ensuring that every aspect of the Operation continued seamlessly at handover. Many existing systems were proprietary to the Operator and had to be redesigned, rebuilt and fully operational on Day 1 of the stewardship of the NOC. OPC took an active role in the design, approval and implementation of these systems.

Following handover, many OPC staff remained in place to guide the NOC through the daunting processes of ensuring that production throughput was maximised from this aging facility, through our re-validation and enhancement of the well, network and production optimisation models.



Middle East

OPC London and Dubai

18 months in total

Disciplines utilised during project

Production Engineering

OPC’s production engineering / petroleum engineering expertise covers projects worldwide as well as various types of wells and reservoirs: oil, gas and gas condensate reservoirs; vertical, horizontal, deviated offshore and onshore producers and injectors.

Reservoir Engineering

OPC is one of the leading independent reservoir engineering consultants in the world providing services on a global basis to IOCs, NOCs and independent oil & gas businesses. Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering


OPC provides Geological consultancy to companies within the oil and gas industry. Our geology consultants provide geological support in all stages of the exploration and production life-cycle

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