Geothermal Modelling – Doublet System

Project Completed

Geothermal Modelling – Doublet System

OPC performed modelling of a geothermal open-loop doublet system (injector and producer). The objective was to perform NODAL analysis using a range of sensitivities to develop scenarios and outline recommendations based on the result of the simulation. The project included an assessment of the corrosion within the well-bore and facilities.

The result of the project outlined to the client a range of recommendations regarding long-lead time items such as Electronic Submersible Pump (ESP) and tubing and casing. OPC made a series of recommendations which will led to a number of efficiencies regarding injectivity, productivity, and ultimately improving the long-term performance of the geothermal power generating capacity. OPC also outlined a strategy to mitigate corrosion through metallurgy and material selection.



North America


2 Months

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