WTA Training, Doha, 16-18 May 2016

Well Test Analysis Training, Doha, 16-18 May 2016

OPC Training announces a 3 (three) day beginner level course in Doha, Qatar which will give attendees an understanding of the theory and basic practice of Well Test Analysis.

Course deliverables:

  • An understanding of the theory and practice of pressure transient analysis using analytical methods
  • An understanding of the geological and fluid parameters which affect the results of pressure transient analysis
  • Skills to interpret pressure transient analysis data for permeability and the various components of skin
  • Skills to evaluate reservoir geometry and connected volume using boundaries and mobility/storativity models
  • Experience in analysing real sets of test data

The course materials and example datasets are not software specific thus can be used with any commercial software package.  Use of an industry leading pressure transient analysis software (used by BP and Total among others worldwide) will be available for the course.

Who should attend?

Engineers and Geoscientists who wish to obtain a basic understanding of well test interpretation and the skills required to use analysis software. The individuals attending the course should be able to develop their skills to a level where they will be able to do the analysis themselves and contribute knowledgeably to a department or asset that has some involvement in this area. It would be useful to have had some previous exposure to well testing, well operations, or theory of reservoir engineering; but this is not vital.

Tutor – Piers Johnson

The instructor for Well Test Analysis is Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC Ltd. Piers has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of petroleum engineering, with specialisation in well testing and analysis. He commenced his career with Flopetrol Johnston Schlumberger, established Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) Ltd. in 1988 and has consulted worldwide for all of the major international and state owned oil companies.

He is a visiting professor in Well Testing at selected prestigious institutions including Imperial College, London and the Institut Français du Petrole (ENSPM) in Paris where he lectures on the Masters course in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering.


For full details click on image below. For booking email Kat Cook
or call +44 207 428 1111


WTA Course, 16-18 May 2016 Qatar Final

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