Field Development Planning Training Course

OPC has created a unique Field Development Planning training course which is closely tailored to the needs of the participants. During the course, the participants work through the life cycle of a Field Development Plan for an appropriate field.

The course is interactive, with a mixture of presentations and practical exercises. The presentations set out the various techniques and procedures relevant to preparation of a Field Development Plan (FDP). During the practical exercises, the participants work in teams to apply the approaches to the example field. The course is available to suit the needs of the delegates:

  • Offshore field development (3 days)
  • Onshore field development (3 days)
  • Combined offshore & onshore (4 days)
  • Onshore or offshore with additional facilities module (4 days)
  • Onshore and offshore with additional facilities module (5 days)

Through completion of the course, delegates will;

  • Develop an understanding of the theory and practice of field development planning.
  • Recognise the importance and benefits of integration of disciplines through working as a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Identify uncertainty, its significance and explain the importance of assessing it realistically.
  • Appraise the trade-off between cost and value of data and assess how to ensure that the optimum amount of data is collected.
  • Describe and relate the importance of commercial goals to technical goals.
  • Develop a multi-discipline appreciation and team building skills through the team exercises

The course emphasises the importance of the subsurface team (production profiles) working closely with the facilities team(s), in order to maximise the value of the project whilst managing risk. Realistic field example(s) are used to demonstrate this; one for offshore, one for onshore, or both (on the five day course), with the delegates controlling the decisionmaking process to optimise the development. The examples illustrate the typical evolution of field understanding, with a mixture of predictable and less predictable data acquired.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, Geoscientists, Project and Asset managers and those involved in project economics who wish to gain a better of field development planning in order to maximise the value of asset development.

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