PTA Surgery

PTA one day surgery & mentoring support

Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) is a complex discipline and its correct application for reservoir surveillance and appraisal projects or as a diagnostic tool for production underperformance can add significant value to operations. Maximising the information from your data and achieving reliable results requires many years of experience. Errors in analysis or missed information can lead to costly decisions being made on the back of poor results and missed opportunities.

Most companies will recognise this and employ an experienced member of staff, hiring in a specialist consultant or outsourcing to a consultancy. With the pressures of the current oil price, OPC has introduced a new service which provides the expertise of an experienced OPC PTA engineer for a one-day “surgery” at the customer’s offices.

During the surgery the OPC engineer will deliver a brief introduction on the theory and practise of PTA and then review current PTA projects with the client’s staff. We encourage clients to include any “problem wells” in this session. We can then consult on the best methods, solutions and advise on further studies or operations.

Following the surgery, the engineer will be available to provide mentoring and support as an ongoing service if required. This offers clients a chance to access world class expertise in PTA, an opportunity to enhance their in-house skills and add to the understanding of their assets for the price of a single day’s consultancy.

To enquire about availability for a Surgery, please contact the PTA team on +44 (0)20 7428 1111 or email

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