Prospect Screening

Project Completed

OPC provide ad-hoc PTA support on a Southern North Sea Gas Field

OPC’s independent assessment of the commerciality and chance of success of the prospect helped the client to decide on whether the prospect is a farm-in opportunity they should pursue. OPC’s consistent approach and methodology when evaluating several prospects help the client to rank the different farm-in opportunities.

OPC reviewed a prospect close to their existing infrastructure, by critically reviewing the Operator’s assessment as summarised in their management presentation. OPC used their knowledge of the nearby producing field and regional geology to support their assessment of the geological Chance of Success (CoS), Gas Initially In Place (GIIP), recoverable volumes and costs. OPC built a reservoir to surface model (GAP) to generate production profiles based on realistic development assumptions and independently calculated costs using a mixture of bottom-up estimates for the new subsea infrastructure and top-down estimates for the hot-tap and onshore modifications. Finally, OPC developed a bespoke economic model for the purpose of assessing the prospect.




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Disciplines utilised during project


OPC has the capability to perform a wide range of subsurface geophysical, petrophysical and geological studies as well as seismic interpretation projects.

Petroleum Economics

OPC provides petroleum economics and commercial consultancy alongside our technical services and on a stand-alone basis. This enables us to report and advise clients both economically and financially on OPC generated technical studies and intra company decision processes.

Reservoir Modelling

OPCs distinctive capability in integrated reservoir modelling is the ability to integrate across as many disciplines as appropriate including geophysical interpretation, petrophysical analysis, geological interpretation and modelling, dynamic modelling, production technology and facilities design.

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