Coring, Core Analysis and Core-Log Integration Training Course



South America


5 Days

Coring, Core Analysis and Core-Log Integration Course

We are delighted that our client is continuing with us with an additional course, furthering their development. All training courses are bespoke to meet the specific learning needs of the participants. Topics that have been covered over the last few months include:

  • Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
  • Artificial Lift Systems
  • Reserves Estimation and Uncertainty
  • Well test design and analysis
  • Exploration and Development Geology Workshops
  • Reservoir Engineering Workshops

Training Completed

Coring, Core Analysis and Core-Log Integration Training Course

In South America, OPC’s Coring, Core Analysis and Core-Log Integration training course received exceptional feedback from the client and all attendees.

Our client and attendees received knowledge in identifying and designing a cost-effective core analysis program. Furthermore, they developed an awareness of the core recovery process and core handling best practices from wellsite to testing in the laboratory. In addition to understanding the testing procedures and quality standards of the selected core analysis laboratory. In doing so, they were able to integrate core analysis results into Petrophysical log interpretation results.

The bespoke, 5-day training course was delivered virtually via video conference software. Each day was divided into series of sessions that comprised information delivery followed by discussion/QA. The sessions were constructed carefully to ensure the optimisation of learning expectations, including practical exercises to optimise the students’ concentration and maximise the learning outcomes.

“This course is a very nice course and has taught the ins and outs of core data. As a data engineer I am happy I was able to attend and will use the information needed to my advantage to make sure the data (digital as well as samples) received is handled, stored and preserved correctly. Seeing how the data (samples) can be integrated with other subsurface data (especially logs) was a big plus. I am also happy to be able to be taught by an experienced core professional who seems to live and breathe core data. With all the examples, exercises and even the core pieces he has shown. Amazing. And the patience he has.”

The OPC training services team are expert in developing and delivering bespoke training courses and workshops to suit the needs of every client.

We have a generic portfolio of courses which are then adapted to deliver the training needs of each set of learners. Contact Max Richards, Training Lead. and share with him your needs for training and check out our latest catalogue below

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