Screening Study Provides New Oil And Gas Prospects

Project Completed

Screening study for developing offshore and onshore gas and/or oil opportunities in East Africa.

A long-standing OPC client was searching for new oil and gas prospects in East Africa due to their existing gas production facilities closing soon.

We supplied a range of oil and gas expertise crucial to the project’s success, including geologists, geophysicists, reservoir and production engineers, facilities engineers, and drilling engineers.

The client faced difficulty with whether oil or gas was present in the area, distances and pipeline placements were uncertain, and FLNG (Floating Liquified Natural Gas) facility compared with the Mozambique development (Coral) were being considered.

We conducted a seismic and geology review, reviewed analogues, and produced models using Petroleum Experts software (MBal/Prosper/GAP) to produce production forecasts and CAPEX and OPEX for different scenarios.

As a result, the client could advance their initiative and produce an informed economic assessment, potentially leading to a highly profitable installation.



East Africa


2 Months

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