FIT Solutions

A fully integrated approach to well testing provides the most accurate results and minimises operating costs

Unintegrated well testing results in objectives not being clearly defined, money not spent wisely and potential loss of very significant data needed to evaluate development cases (see “Where Well Testing goes wrong” from OPC Newsletter Issue 19).

Fully Integrated Testing (FIT SolutionsTM)

Our approach is to take a fully integrated approach to well testing.  For over 30 years OPC has delivered the highest standards in the industry in terms of planning, managing and interpreting tests with the client’s interests in mind. Our service incorporates:

  • A fully integrated approach throughout the planning, design, operations, interpretation and integration phases of the test, prioritising safe and effective operations
  • Clearly defined and achievable test objectives delivered through systematic and considered implementation of detailed plans
  • 24/7 monitoring and real time analysis of the test by on-site and off-site reservoir engineers, allowing immediate decision making and optimised test duration
  • Clients’ interests are at the core of our service and expectations are managed and always met
  • More accurate data leads to less reservoir interpretation ambiguity and more detailed intrated system understanding allowing the right business decision to be made

On a recent project, due to OPC monitoring the well test we were able to save three days from schedule and reduce the rig operation cost by a significant amount.

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