Extensive reservoir study

West Africa

Project Completed

Extensive reservoir study – West Africa

OPC conducted an extensive reservoir study of a large field in West Africa in order to define and assess the remaining production opportunities in the field.

One of the key objectives of the project was to evaluate the impact of the main reservoir uncertainties on the STOIIP, reserves and proposed appraisal and development plans. A suite of Petrel models, capturing a wide range of geological scenarios, was built by OPC’s principal geologist, for STOIIP evaluation and dynamic simulation. Several reservoir engineering studies were conducted ahead of the simulation work, to help define the dynamic inputs and their associated range including: PVT analysis, interpretation of the echometer data, SCAL analysis and RFT analysis.

OPC recommended an appraisal programme to improve data quality and narrow the range in STOIIP and reserves. Our expert reservoir engineer developed and history matched dynamic models aiming to capture the impact of both static and dynamic uncertainties on production forecasts.

The geological concepts, static and dynamic models were used to identify, assess, risk and rank infill targets and workovers and advise the client on the best production strategy going forward.

Throughout the 6 months project, OPC principal geologist and principal reservoir engineer have worked in close collaboration, to achieve the best possible integration of data.



West Africa

OPC London

6 months

Disciplines utilised during project

Reservoir Modelling

OPCs distinctive capability in integrated reservoir modelling is the ability to integrate across as many disciplines as appropriate including geophysical interpretation, petrophysical analysis, geological interpretation and modelling, dynamic modelling, production technology and facilities design.

Reservoir Engineering

OPC is one of the leading independent reservoir engineering consultants in the world providing services on a global basis to IOCs, NOCs and independent oil & gas businesses. Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering


Our geology consultants provide geological support in all stages of the exploration and production life-cycle, including; License round block evaluations, regional and basin studies, farm out services and data room evaluations, geological and reservoir modelling and Field Development Planning.

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