Commissioning and drilling crew – Caspian

Project Completed

Provision and supervision of commissioning and drilling crew

In 2012 OPC successfully won an exclusive contract for the provision of a Commissioning and Drilling Crew to support KMG’s drilling campaign in the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

The project commenced with the commissioning of the Caspian Explorer, a self-propelled Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) sea capable of drilling to a maximum depth of ft. 20,000.

The project consisted of two phases, the first saw the commissioning of the Caspian Explorer as well as the drilling operations planning. The OPC team of consultants not only managed the project but mentored the company’s local engineers and contractors. In 2013 the Caspian Explorer left they shipyard in Kuryk to drill the first well for KNOC, this commencing the second phase of the project. The OPC Kazakhstan Office acted as permanent interface between the OPC Drilling and Commissioning Team and the client, managing all aspects of the project deliverables and personnel supervision.

Skills supplied

We provided a wide range of skills to the project including:

  • Drilling Operations Managers
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • OIM’s (Offshore Instillation Manager)
  • Chief Toolpushers
  • Rig Electrical Supervisors
  • Rig Mechanical Supervisors
  • Barge Engineers
  • Rig construction Managers
  • Electrical commissioning superintendents
  • Mechanical Commissioning Superintendents
  • Project Planners

In 2014 OPC were successful in winning a second exclusive contract for provision of a Jack-Up commissioning team. The JUDR (Jack – Up Drilling Rig) is capable of drilling up to a depth of 6000m in a water depth from 5 to 80 m.  The drilling campaign commenced in 2016 and OPC was responsible for providing the Drilling Crew to lead the campaign

OPC has supported its personnel and its client in-country by providing supervision for its personnel,  management the rotational schedules including full responsibility for mobilization and demobilization, provision of visa and work permits, accommodation, legal and taxation compliance including payroll as well as 24/7 emergency medical and repatriation.




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